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My Story

Your loved one is communicating their needs, Im heare to listen.

My childhood memories of visiting my grandparents in the nursing home were as if I was a super star.   Most of the residents were drawn to children, they wanted to ask them questions, they were fascinated by them. When you're a child surrounded by seniors you are the SUPER STAR!  So, my experience was always a good one. 


As I've grown, I've realized that I'm drawn to them as well.  During my 25 years working with seniors, I have gravitated to those living with dementia.  I've worked in several memory care facilities and have been called dementia whisperer by others.  My background is in occupational therapy and recreation, so I was always looking through the perspective of how to encourage people to live life to their fullest.  As I learned more about dementia, I realized that if you look at the environment in which the person living with dementia is in then you can modify it to create a world where they can flourish.  The dementia brain has a fixed mindset compared to our brain which does not, which means we can creatively modify the environment through awareness to better support the person living with dementia. 

I see my role as a practitioner who first will analyze the situation and environment, teach and educate then support and help provide a plan for the entire family to live a happy fulfilling life. I strive to look at each individual situation with empathy and intuition with my knowledge of how that person living with dementia sees the world.  I sit with how they may be feeling then provide guidance and support to the people surrounding them. They are communicating their needs and I want to hear what they have to say. 

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